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When You Need an Email Marketing Consultant

Did you know email marketing is even older than the Internet, or its early version, ARPAnet? It is a technology that has been around for decades. But even to this day, emails are a vital part of any company for communication and marketing purposes.

Is email marketing an essential marketing tactic in a holistic marketing strategy? We’re here to talk more about it. You'll know email campaigns, email marketing best practices, and more in this post.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is all about sending promotional emails to a list of email addresses. It is an old digital marketing strategy that is still relevant today. Your company can accomplish its goals by sending the emails, such as increasing brand awareness and generating leads.

Even though types of marketing are rising in the ranks like social media and influencer marketing, email is still more popular than ever.

Because of this, whenever you start sending email campaigns, you’ll know they are going to people who are actually going to read them.

In addition, the connections you make when you send emails are entirely yours. Unlike SEO, your email marketing campaign does not rely on an algorithm. This is email marketing for small businesses is especially important, since you can find success with it before your other efforts pay off.

Types of Email

There are different types of emails depending on the specific purpose you want them to serve. Common types are informational, promotional, and lead nurturing emails.

Information Emails

Newsletters and announcements are two examples of informational emails. As the name suggests, they provide information that the subscriber or reader will find helpful in making an informed decision about your business.

Newsletters: This type of email shares company news like new products, milestones reached, new content, or new services.

Announcements: Announcement emails inform your customers of anything new about your business. It is the type of email to send when you have new releases or changes in your services you don't want your subscribers to miss.

Promotional Emails

You send these emails to encourage your customers to try your new offers and services and your brand in general. A promotional email campaign can involve three to or more email series sent within days or weeks.

Unlike other email types, promotional emails must have a clear call to action. The CTA is essential to direct your reader to the action you want them to do. It can be a CTA asking them to click a link to a landing page or buy a specific product from your online store.

Lead Nurturing Emails

These are emails with the specific purpose of guiding readers through the buyer journey to turn them into customers. In this, the subscribers are not yet actual buyers because they haven't bought from you yet.

Your prospects need to trust you to convert, which you can fulfill with valuable content. Building trust will take time, so lead nurturing emails are usually a series of different types of emails that nurture your relationship with your prospects.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Generally, an email marketing strategy is not complicated. However, the A/B testing part of the process may intimidate you. We understand this, which is why they offer professional email marketing services to help with your email needs. But to help you understand, below is the typical step-by-step process involved in an email marketing campaign.

1. Register For an Email Marketing Tool

Chances are you have a business email account already, so you might think that you can just get started, right? Well, not exactly – unless, of course, you want to create and send dozens of emails individually, or CC everyone under the sun. Email marketing tools make this process way easier with their drag and drop editors and automation. No coding or tedious work required.

2. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

If you don't have an email strategy yet, now's the time to have one. You can work with an email marketer for this, who will plan your campaign based on what suits your company best. This helps raise the success rate of your email marketing.

3. Build and Grow an Email List

Once you’ve been email marketing for a while, then the joy of seeing how many customers opened your emails can’t be understated. But, before you can get there, you need an email list first. There are various ways to build your list, like publishing good content and giving readers incentives as a reward for subscribing.

4. Set Up an Email Marketing Automation Workflow

Since you used an email marketing tool, you can usually automate the entire email marketing process. The tool can send emails to mobile devices only and send targeted emails to specific subscribers based on their actions and performance on your website.

5. Monitor Your Campaign Performance

The real success of email marketing depends on A/B testing. You will need to do A/B testing many times to know which emails you sent generate high click-through rates and lead to more conversions.

6. Revise Your Email Strategy

Once you’ve done A/B testing, you might notice that your email campaigns have some problems – and that’s completely okay. All you have to do after that is change up your strategy a little bit. Are your CTAs not as strong as they need to be? Is your email copy difficult to read? Are your subject lines just not punchy enough? You’ll be able to start making efforts to fix all of these things and more.

Take Advantage of Our Email Marketing Services Today

Have you decided to pursue employing email marketing for your business? In that case, Dirty Marketing Group is here to help. With us, you have a professional company you can rely on in reaching customers with targeted content.

We follow the latest email marketing best practices, create the best subject line for your email, and share email marketing tips. If you’re having trouble getting your customer base to open your emails, Dirty Marketing Group can certainly help.

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