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6 Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using in 2024

This year is about economic growth for green businesses. If you currently have a digital marketing strategy, the start of the year is a great time to add innovative trends.

Today's marketers face an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape with exciting changes like the rise of AI and automation tools. Explore some of the most promising digital marketing tactics this year below.

1. Embrace Video

The demand for video continues to rise, and 54% of customers desire to see more video content from brands they like. Already, over 70% of B2B marketers use video. Now is the best time to embrace video content if you are still holding out.

Videos are great at enhancing your social media engagement. By sharing your brand story with your target audience, you establish a personal connection and encourage loyalty. For example, a short video showing your landscaping team at work establishes trust. Clips of the owner talking have an even bigger impact as do before-and-after videos.

Beyond social media marketing, incorporate video into your website to boost your SERP rankings. Search engines love rich content, and a winning mix of images, relevant text, and videos beats the competition. For instance, add video tutorials and manuals to keep visitors on your website longer.

Videos also make great pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google Adwords or any social media platform that allows video ads, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

2. Invest in Local SEO

Traditionally, people browsed Yellow Pages ads or word-of-mouth recommendations to find landscaping companies and other lawn care businesses. Today, people do a quick Google search when making purchase decisions. If you still rely on traditional marketing, you miss out on a large customer base.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is among the marketing tactics that expand your company locally. First, use keyword research tools to identify relevant keywords to your business. For example, “nursery growers near me” is better because it has a more commercial intent than “nursery growers.”

Emphasize long-tail keywords with three or more words. Then, sprinkle these keywords naturally in blog posts, service pages, and your homepage. However, don't overstuff keywords, as search engines may penalize your site.

The next step is creating a Google Business Profile. This profile highlights your services and ranks you highly on local searches that include a Map Pack. A Google Business Profile also makes your company eligible for search results in Google Maps. Fill out your company’s contact information, categories, description, images, and hours to get started.

Links also boost local search rankings. Inbound links from companies with services that complement yours, like remodeling contractors, enhance your credibility. Another tip is to ask for reviews from satisfied customers and display them on your Google Business Profile.

3. Consider Influencer Marketing

People are increasingly turning to influencers for suggestions on purchasing decisions. This form of online marketing is especially prevalent on social media, where ordinary people grow their own personal brands. Indeed, the influencer marketing industry skyrocketed from $1.7 billion to $13.8 billion in 2021.

The major advantage of influencer marketing is that you don't have to search for the audience yourself. Instead, you leverage the influencer's audience, who already trust the influencer's recommendations.

Start by identifying influencers in your niche in local online communities. Often, brands only engage influencers with thousands or millions of followers. However, you can reach your target audience with an influencer who has significant engagement, even if they just have a few thousand followers.

Once you initiate a relationship with an influencer, decide on the type of campaign to turn to based on your budget and goal. Options include shop or site visits, unboxing and reviews, contests, or social media takeovers.

4. Master Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about presenting valuable information to increase sales from leads. First, ensure that your website and social media platforms reflect your brand story.

The next step is creating content that focuses on your customer’s needs and wants. Think about the most common questions you get from clients and create content around these concerns.

Are your clients interested in organic pest control methods? Which plants and trees thrive in your region? Which grass diseases bother homeowners around you the most? Essentially, you want to build trust and establish your authority.

Remember to mix up your content via blogs, images, infographics, case studies, polls, surveys, and links.

The last bit of content marketing is analyzing metrics. Monitoring analytics such as website traffic, click-through rate, and conversion rates help you evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies. Then you determine what performs well and create additional content to increase conversions.

5. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile accounts for almost half of the global web traffic. In fact, many people whip out their phones when searching for a product or service. Hence, mobile marketing is an excellent way to enhance your visibility, get more customers, and increase sales.

A mobile-friendly site is a necessity for any green business. Consult an expert web developer to optimize your site for mobile for a seamless user experience. While stunning images of your landscaping projects delight visitors, downsize the photos to reduce image load time.

Also, consider the web design and how easy it is for visitors to find what they want. For instance, create a page for each landscaping service and add internal links between pages to boost navigation.

Above all, keep it simple. For instance, short landing pages that don't require infinite scrolling improve the user experience.

6. Use Marketing Automation Tools

Competition in the digital marketing landscape is incredibly fierce. Marketing automation is the best way to cut costs for small business owners with limited marketing budgets and time.

Marketing automation can be used for emails or chatbots on your website. Social media automation is another opportunity. Facebook, Instagram, and other digital channels have launched automation tools.

Just remember not to rely on automation tools exclusively. Customers want personalization and to know they're working with another human too.

Hire a Marketing Consultant

The above marketing tactics will revolutionize your marketing plan this year. But the last puzzle piece is a team of expert marketing consultants who understand your goals and pain points.

Our marketing team will evaluate the competition, review your current challenges, build a customized strategy, and implement your digital marketing campaigns to reach your targets. Schedule a free intro call with us today.

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