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We launched Dirty Marketing Group with your business in mind. For years we worked with thousands of business owners who didn't know which marketing tactic fit best with their business goals. They'd launch a new business and expect immediate results from tactics that require long term investments.

How do you know which marketing tactic to spend your money on? Should you advertise in print or online? Can your business rank quickly on search engines? 

We want to help you answer these questions. Our strategic consultation dives into your pain points and business goals. Then we conduct a detailed competitive analysis and audit of your online presence​. We identify your buyer personas, and then provide you with a marketing plan that uses the most effective tactics available.


Our team functions as a collective business model. This gives us the flexibility to customize our marketing strategies to the scale you need. 

Dirty Marketing Group consists of branding, marketing and advertising professionals across the US. Each marketing consultant on our team is a t-shaped marketer, demonstrating broad knowledge in several marketing tactics and deep expertise in one or two tactics.

You get access to this breadth and depth of marketing knowledge for less than the salary of an over-burdened marketing manager.



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Since 2009 Briana Johnson has helped entrepreneurs, startups and multimillion dollar businesses increase leads and engagement using effective and measurable marketing strategies. She spent four years managing the Greenleaf Nursery Company marketing efforts and was key member of the team that launched the Garden Debut plant collection.


As an in-house one-woman team, Briana felt the burden of trying to implement five or six tactics at once. As part of small team, she struggled with individual specialists on the team ineffectively using tactics without a holistic strategy. And as an agency manager, Briana watched countless small business owners commit thousands of dollars to the wrong marketing tactic for their business model and market and come away frustrated with the lack of return on their investment.

Enter Dirty Marketing Group. Briana believes that all businesses—big or small, national or local-should have a fully customized marketing strategy for each audience segment and market to ensure they're effectively using their promotional budget to measurably grow their business. 

The team at Dirty Marketing Group has been handpicked by Briana to provide world-class marketing strategy and services for you. No matter the size of your in-house team, let us be your marketing partner.


Our founder is a huge fan of HIMYM. In fact, her boyfriend looks like Barney Stinson. True story. So our values are based on Barney Stinson catchphrases.


Have you met Ted? *spoiler alert* Ultimately, Ted met his children’s mother at Barney’s wedding, so technically we can consider him a successful wingman. And that’s what we want to be for you, a great wingman or wingwoman. Let us introduce you to new customers, new markets and new sources of revenue.


Challenge Accepted! Due to his competitive nature, Barney accepts all challenges to his prowess. We admire this fortitude and confidently accept whatever challenges our clients throw at our marketing prowess. Want to expand into three new regions? Want to grow your website traffic by 10x? You tell us your business goals, however lofty, and we’ll devise a strategy to get there.


Legen...wait for it...dary! Barney uses the catchphrase “Legendary” to describe the enormity and awesome-ness of a situation or event. Two things. First, we think partnering with your business is legendary in and of itself. Our clients and the work they do is pure awesome-ness. Second, the results of this partnership are going to be legen...wait for it...dary too. We guarantee it.


Suit up! As Barney explains, he suits up to distinguish himself from the millions of T-shirt and jeans lemmings out there. We personally have nothing against T-shirts and jeans, but you should absolutely distinguish yourself from your competitors. Our extensive competitor research drives the target messaging and media planning included in our strategies to ensure your brand conveys its unique value propositions.

Dirty Marketing Group Background_edited.jpg


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