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4 Ways to Improve SEO with Social Media

Using social media to improve your SEO rankings is much more than generating brand awareness. Social media is among the many ways to increase online visibility and website traffic for your green industry business.

Whether you are offering landscaping services or container grown plants, social media platforms can help you improve on-page SEO signals and increase your leads and conversion rates.

Here are four ways social media marketing can positively impact your SEO results.

1. Social Media & Brand Signals

Having an official LinkedIn page for your company provides a social signal to Google that your business is legitimate. Similarly having a Facebook page and Twitter profile with engaged followers demonstrates your business is a brand people trust.

You should then be sure to link to your social media channels from your website, and vice versa. It's quite common to do this in the header or footer of your website. This helps Google connect your website to your social media profiles.

Additionally, you can use Schema Markup on your site to connect the dots between your website and social profiles. This enables additional social media icons on your Google Business Profile in the knowledge panel.

2. Use Social Media to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Using social media to engage with your audience attracts people who care about your business and the services you offer. Your followers will be more likely than anyone to click on your social post to learn more.

The ultimate SEO goal is to increase keyword rankings and website traffic. Organic traffic is the result of a successful SEO campaign. But direct traffic and referral traffic from social media can signal to search engines that your website content is relevant.

Referral traffic from social media profiles can also reduce your bounce rates. Your social followers will likely spend more time on your pages too. This shows search engines that you offer value to your visitors, which can lead to higher rankings.

3. Use Social Media to Promote Content

This in tandem with tip #2. You shouldn’t flood your social media feeds with posts promoting your products or services. You need to balance that with valuable informative blog posts for your followers.

One of the most integral elements of an effective SEO strategy is publishing content that demonstrates your expertise, authority and trustworthiness on your particular products or services. After you create great content, you want to ensure it’s being read by your target customer.

Content marketing is a tactic that combines parts of SEO and SMM. You should use your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to share your content. Again, the goal here is to drive traffic and reduce bounce rates, both important signals for organic search rankings.

4. Effective Social Media Marketing Leads to Engagement

How do you know if your social media marketing is effective? What results should you look for to determine if a particular post on social media was successful? We previously discussed referral traffic, time on page, and bounce rate as important metrics. Social engagement is another indicator of success.

Likes and comments on a piece of content do demonstrate engagement and are a move in the right direction. But social shares are the primary engagement you should seek. The more people who share your content, the greater reach you have. And this can increase your SEO rankings because it demonstrates that your content is relevant.

A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

No marketing tactic should be utilized individually. Social media marketing can be the game-changer you need to realize better SEO results. But it can be complex to coordinate the effective SEO content creation with natural social media promotion.

Work with a marketing consultant to create a holistic digital marketing strategy that combines multiple tactics like SEO and SMM. Our marketing partners at Dirty Marketing Group are able to take your green industry business to the next level. Book a call with us today!

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