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13 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Do you want the same social media success that brands like The Davey Tree Expert Company and Yellowstone Landscape have? If so, it’s essential to know of the common social media mistakes that could be derailing your success.

1. Posting Way Too Much

Newbies in social media marketing make the mistake of focusing on quantity. That is, they keep posting content over 10x every day. The more they post, the worse the quality gets.

Limit your social media posting to once or twice a day. This way, you won’t run out of fresh ideas, and you’ll only show people your best pieces of content. Doing so can result in a significant increase in engagement.

2. Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags have been around for a few years and remain vital in any social media strategy. If you aren’t using them, you are definitely missing out.

You’re more likely to reach followers who are interested in your content if they follow the hashtags you’re using. And your content will be seen by more people in general – always a plus.

3. Buying Likes and Followers

Buying likes and followers are tempting since the big numbers can attract leads. But this doesn’t guarantee success.

In fact, it could negatively impact your progress. Instagram is notorious for shadow banning accounts that buy followers.

Even if they don’t, having a bloated follower count will kill your engagement rate. They’re not going to engage or interact with your content, so your content isn’t going to get recommended to others.

4. Ignoring Stories and Reels

One of Instagram’s most popular features today is Stories. If you’re not using it, it’s high time that you do because it’s one of the biggest things on Instagram right now.

Stories, and the newest feature, Reels, are more interactive and personal than just a post. Keep your audience engaged by giving them a regular dose of them.

5. Not Fixing Your Insta Bio

Bios aren’t just a description of your brand. No, they’re a huge digital marketing opportunity. Rather than just describing your company, give a description and call your audience to action.

That way, you’re creating a sales opportunity. Everyone who visits your profile will see the CTA. Instead of moving on, they’re more likely to act.

6. Using Low-Quality Photos

One of the biggest social media mistakes you can make is not taking advantage of photos. To be specific, what you’ve been doing is posting low-quality pictures.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your photos must look sharp to attract attention. If not, viewers are unlikely to stop and see your content, much less leave a like.

7. Having an Account on Every Social Media

It sounds good to be on every social media platform, right? “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and all? But experienced social media managers will tell you no.

This is for one good reason – the more channels you have, the less focused your content is.

Instead, it’s best to pay attention to your target audience and what they’re up to. Are they on TikTok? Then great – that’s where you start.

8. Overlooking Negative Feedback

Most people will tell you to ignore all the hate you see online, but you shouldn’t do this. Why? It’s because negative comments are an opportunity.

When you respond kindly to a negative person, people will notice this. It’ll make your brand stand out in a positive way.

9. Not Using a Business Account

Not using a business account is a big social media marketing mistake because (on Instagram, at least) you’re not using analytics. With analytics, you can learn how your social media marketing is doing

The business account of Instagram lets you know analytics about your content, audience, and activity. These features are a big help to a social media marketer when growing their page.

10. Posting the Same Content on Every Platform

Using the same content on your Facebook posts for your Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts is a terrible marketing strategy.

That’s because social networks have different builds from each other. The audiences are different, and they have different expectations.

In this situation, it helps to have a content marketing expert like Dirty Marketing Group that can help customize your posts to each social media channel.

11. Not Curating Content

Have you only been posting or sharing your own content on your Facebook page? This is one of the ultimate mistakes social media marketing newbies make.

If you’re posting 1-2 times a day, you might not always have enough content ideas. Instead of taking one from that idea list you wrote up at 3 a.m., you can curate others’ content in a way that’s helpful for your audience.

12. Having an Incomplete Page Information

Just like your Instagram bio, you need to complete your Facebook “About” section. It’s crucial because it contains your official name, category, and others that fans might want to know.

If you have complete business page information, you can show your fans you’re trustworthy. It also gives the air that you’re a serious, reliable company.

This is also an opportunity for you to provide information about your products or services and even include a call to action.

13. Not Uploading Videos to Your Page

Videos are great at catching the attention of your viewers. But one mistake many business owners and newbie marketers make is uploading them only on YouTube.

Did you know that uploading videos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter brings you more engagement? In Facebook, native videos are actually shared more – 478% more, in fact.

Contact Dirty Marketing Group

It’s hard to keep up with what you’re doing on social media sometimes. You might not realize your mistakes until it’s already hurt your performance. These tips are a great place to start to help your performance.

But if you’re looking for something a little more personalized, contact Dirty Marketing Group today. We’re social media growth experts, and with our help, you’ll grow your business in no time.

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