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3 Landscaper Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

While word-of-mouth marketing can be quite effective, it can only get your landscaping business so far. If you desire long-term growth, you need a marketing strategy that includes online marketing tactics. Some tips to consider are:

1. Have an Educational Website

Today's customer conducts an online search before making a purchase. Hence, a website that highlights your expertise with your portfolio, services, customer reviews and a blog is an excellent way to boost your company's visibility. Include high-quality images to advertise your capabilities.

Homeowners have many questions about landscaping projects, and educational guides and how-to articles will attract traffic. Then make it easy for readers to navigate your website through categories and tags.

Also, incorporate SEO tactics to identify the topics your audience is interested in. Research essential keywords and sprinkle them naturally in your articles. This will attract new site visitors through search engine results

2. Leverage Social Media

Your landscaping company can reach new audiences via social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Before and after photos can advertise what your business is capable of, while contests and giveaways can popularize your services. Additional content ideas include gardening tips, company events, and seasonal lawn care tips.

In addition to organic growth, paid social media ads can attract new clients. However, the ads should be creative and specific to stand out. Promoting monthly discounts or specials is a great way to attract new customers via paid social ads.

3. Consult the Experts

Modern landscaping businesses have to consider limitless marketing tactics for long-term growth. Unfortunately, the choices can be overwhelming and the mistakes costly. In this case, you need marketing experts to complete your branding and manage your online reputation.

The first thing a marketing consultant does is understand your objectives. Do you want more website traffic, customer loyalty, or increased sales? Then, the expert tailors a marketing strategy that can include email marketing, customer referral programs, paid advertising, or social media marketing.

If your landscaping business only depends on referrals to grow, it is time to upgrade to more effective marketing tips. Our team at Dirty Marketing Group wants to help you grow your landscaping business.

We offer several marketing packages that set you up with a marketing consultant. You'll get a plan that will help you move forward with effective actionable steps.

Or book a free intro call with us to learn more.

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