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How To Set Up Facebook Ads for Your Landscaping Business

If you've got a landscaping company, you know that there are many ways to get your business noticed. You can put up signs near the highway, advertise in newspapers and magazines, do television commercials; the list goes on and on.

Creating Facebook ads for your landscape business can direct your target audience to your website, Facebook page, and/or lead gen forms. Using detailed targeting you can create simple paid ads and raise overall brand awareness for your local business.

If you're looking for a quick method to increase the number of people following your Facebook page, visiting your website, or interested in your services, Facebook advertising should be part of your marketing strategy.

Why Should Every Landscaping Company Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is very popular, which should be a sufficient incentive for landscaping companies to begin advertising on social media networks. Nearly any type of business can locate its specific audience on the site.

Some of the reasons why landscaping companies should start advertising on Facebook include the following:

  • It's simple to target people on Facebook. The platform consists of a wide range of targeting options.

  • Your advertising has a greater click-through rate (CTR) than other paid ads. In general, Facebook ads outperform most other options.

  • Creating ads on Facebook is not expensive. They are cheaper than most other options available. Start for as little as $5 a day or even less.

How To Maximize Facebook Ads for Your Landscaping Business?

If you're a landscaping business, maximizing your Facebook ads can be the key to success. You can create an ad campaign to reach your target audience and generate leads and sales by following these simple steps.

Narrow Down Your Target Audience

The initial step is to figure out who you're trying to reach. This will save you time and money in the long run because you'll be able to refine and tweak your ad campaign. Once you've created an ideal customer profile, it's much easier for Facebook Ads to match people with similar interests and demographics who are more likely to be interested in your services.

Set Goals for That Particular Campaign

Next, set the goals of your ad campaign. It's essential to have a tangible reason for launching that campaign in the first place. After you've figured out your objectives, you can begin investigating demographics and interests that are relevant to them. Setting goals in a particular campaign will help you in narrowing down your target audience more, making it simpler to generate leads and see whether they convert.

Identify Your Target Audience's Pain Points and Purchase Drivers

After you've collected your customer profile data and know which demographics and interests are best suited to help you achieve your campaign goals, you'll need to identify their pain points and purchase drivers. These concepts can be used across all types of businesses and landscaping companies, so getting a firm understanding of them should benefit any business you work with.

Set Up Facebook Pixel

Next is to set up the Facebook Pixel. This will provide you with valuable data on your audience that will help you create better ads the next time. One of the most critical aspects of this process is tracking conversions.

Hire a Facebook Ads Consultant

Facebook ads are a quick way to revolutionize your landscaping businesses’ marketing plan and lead generation goals. But the last puzzle piece is a team of expert consultants who understand your goals and pain points.

Our marketing team can build a customized Facebook advertising strategy and implement your ad campaigns to reach your targets. Schedule a consultation with us today.

But if you want to manage your Facebook ads campaigns yourself, follow the 7 steps below.

Steps to Creating Facebook Ads for Landscaping Businesses

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page for Your Landscaping Company

If you don’t have one already, start by creating a Facebook page for your landscaping business. Don't forget to add in some pictures and information about your company!

Your page is the foundation (or "home," if you will) of all of your advertisements.You will connect your business Facebook page to the Facebook Ads Manager to easily begin creating ad sets.

Step 2: Choose a Campaign Objective

After creating your page, it's time to make an ad. You can choose different objectives for your Facebook ad. Some options include getting more leads, getting more calls, getting more website visitors, getting more page likes, or promoting your business locally.

Step 3: Set Up Your Target Audience


Select Target Locations for the delivery of your Facebook Ads. Where do you run your landscaping company? How far is your team willing to travel for work? The location setting allows you to specify the place(s) your Facebook advertising should be delivered. We recommend you display your ads no more than a 2-hour radius from your location.


This option allows you to specify the age range of the persons you want your advertising to be shown. Depending on where you live, people under the age of 18-25 are unlikely to be interested in landscaping. As a result, we recommend you target an age group ranging from 25 to 65 years old.


You may also use the gender parameter to narrow down your target demographic. Landscaping services is an ideal for gender-specific service though. In this situation, we recommend you go after both men and women.


When it comes to Facebook Ads, language is yet another instrument that you can use to define your target audience. Depending on where you operate, you might want to reach out to folks who speak English and Spanish or another language.

Detailed Targeting

Use this option to include or exclude individuals from your custom audience based on demographics, interests, and actions. Demographics relevant to landscaping might include certain financial qualifications, individuals who recently moved, new parents, or even recently widowed women. Interests might include gardening or home improvement.


You can also target or exclude users who have already interacted with your Facebook Page, or even people who follow a similar business or a competitor.

Step 4: Set Your Budget and Schedule

Choose a daily budget and select if you want to run the ad continuously or for a specific number of days. We recommend you run the ad continuously but monitor it at least weekly to determine if progress begins to slip and then optimize or turn it off and launch a new campaign.

Step 5: Choose Your Facebook Ad Placements

After you have selected an objective and your target audience, it is time to choose where exactly you would like your ad to be shown. You can use the placement option to determine which website or mobile app your Facebook ad will show on.

Step 6: Create Your Ad

Now that all of the preliminary steps are complete, you can finally create your Facebook ad. Depending on the campaign objective you chose, there will be different pieces of information needed.

But you can customize your ad with text and an image(s). If you chose driving traffic to your website as your objective, you’ll also need to decide which webpage on your site you would like to direct the traffic to. Video ads also perform quite well if you have video content that you could use of your landscaping work.

After creating your Facebook Ad, click 'Place Order' and wait for results!

Step 7: Review Results

Depending on the campaign objective, Facebook will display specific “key results” to you in Ads Manager prominently. But there are additional metrics you should keep an eye on to determine if your ad is performing well, such as cost per click, total ad spend, and click-through rate.

Key Takeaways

Creating Facebook ads for your landscaping business should be the first step in advertising your services. If you’re technologically savvy, a quick 7-step process should get your ads live the same day.

But if you’d rather have help, our marketing consultants can help you improve your Facebook ads strategy, design ad creative, and implement your campaigns to optimize their performance. Contact us today for Facebook advertising success.

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