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Why Landscapers Need To Define Their Target Audience

There are a lot of businesses and individuals that will need your services as a landscaping provider and while that may sound like a lot of opportunities for you, it’s not possible to cater to all of them. No matter the stage that your business is currently at, you’re going to have to focus on your strengths to continue to scale.

Knowing the target audience for your landscaping company gives you focus and identity. If you think that there are already a lot of service providers catering to large organizations then perhaps your niche is in the small to medium-sized category.

How exactly do you determine your target audience? Let’s discuss!

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What Do We Mean By Target Audience?

Why should you care about targeting your ideal client? Why can’t you just work with anyone who wants to use your services?

Knowing your target audience helps you maximize the resources of your business, such as time, energy, manpower, and budget. It helps you determine the average design of the projects you work on, maintenance contracts, length of time you work on them, and how soon your clients can pay you.

Knowing your target audience means taking charge of your business. It empowers your passion for it and, at the same time, steers your company in the right direction.

How Do You Determine Your Ideal Client?

Determining your target audience starts with the projects that you like to do. Which projects are you most excited about, what are you (or your team) are good at, and what can you deliver?

These are the questions that you impose on yourself to first start to know your company better before you face your clients. Next, is understanding your customers and their buyer personas.

Who are they? How much money do they make and why would they need your landscaping services? Do they need it for their business? For their family? You’re going to have a complete picture of your target audience so you can start to position your company so they see you and hire you.

Common Target Audiences That You Should Consider

You may position your company to be available for residential homeowners, residential renters, or commercial property managers where you can provide installation and maintenance services whenever required.

Different target audiences naturally require a different approach, but once you know your ideal client, you’ll be on the right track.

Creating Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Take for example the sample residential homeowner buyer persona below.

Final Thoughts

Having this sense of identity and knowing what your business has got to offer inside and out will only lead to better things. After all, knowing the target audience for your landscaping company is a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy.

If you think you need the right partner to grow your business to new heights then don’t hesitate to contact Dirty Marketing Group, the marketing consultant for the green industry. We’re passionate about what we do and we’ll help you discover and realize the potential of your company to keep the opportunities coming in.

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