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Lead Nurturing for Landscapers: How it Can Help Your Business Flourish

Just like plants, businesses grow through their owner’s detailed care and effort. This applies to your potential customers as well! When it comes to attracting customers, you need to prepare a comprehensive marketing plan to capture their attention. One of the most important components of an effective plan is lead nurturing.

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What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing happens while you and your potential landscaping client become acquainted. They’re usually a bit skeptical before trusting in your services; if a company looks sketchy or too good to be true, then it won’t appeal to them. Lead nurturing fights against this issue by developing communication with your prospects.

Clients can ask questions about your landscaping business while you get to understand their needs. It’s a win-win! If executed properly, adding lead nurturing into your marketing plan can guide your leads through the sales funnel, preparing them to support your business.

Why Include Lead Nurturing in Your Marketing Plan?

Here are a few specific advantages that lead nurturing has to offer for your business:

  • Direct Communication with Your Prospects: Lead nurturing opens opportunities for you to talk to your potential clients and answer their questions. This helps them know your business on a personal level, which is much more impactful than skimming the content on your website and social platforms.

  • Studying Your Audience: Lead nurturing allows you to learn more about your audience, their interests, and their landscaping vision for their yard. You can take note of these for future jobs and improvements of your products and services.

  • Makes You Look Trustworthy: Customers will feel more inclined to purchase your products if you seem to know what you’re talking about. Responsive sellers will always have the upper hand in terms of trust.

Types of Lead Nurturing

Automated Emails

Automated emails are a convenient tool that allow you to contact your potential customers without the burden of messaging all of them one by one. An event or action usually triggers these emails.

For example, some landscaping companies send out emails seasonally to promote their deals. These emails can also be automatically sent once the user interacts with your platform, usually by completing an opt-in email form or booking a service.

Automated Text Messages

You can use automated text messages for the same purpose as automated emails: to communicate with customers at the ideal moment. Text messages are more accessible compared to email in most situations, but the message can't be as long-form. The best automated text message uses are booking confirmations, promo deals, abandoned form reminders, etc.

The real power of email and SMS marketing is when you utilize them together. Apply each to the use cases they serve better than the other. When you limit yourself to just one or the other, you miss out on the chance to reach your customers in the most impactful way.

Retargeted Marketing

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting ads for something you searched for online? That’s what retargeting is.

Retargeting is aimed at those who browsed through your items but didn’t follow through with the purchase. Retargeting allows you to stay in contact with your prospects by flashing your ads on other websites and platforms, encouraging customers to complete their purchase or look through your products and services again.

Grow Your Sales Today!

With enough persistence and effort, lead nurturing can become the key to unlocking your landscaping business’ full potential! Need some help with your marketing plan? We’ve got your back! Contact us at Dirty Marketing Group for more information.

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