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Landing Landscaping Customers with Lead Capturing Systems

Sales leads are the lifeline of any landscaping company. After all, any successful business needs a consistent influx of new customers. Maintaining a flow of incoming leads provides opportunities for your team to land their next project, keeps you in touch with your customer base, and keeps your company active and thriving.

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What Are Lead Capturing Systems?

A lead capturing system is a way to gather lead data. “Lead data” is information about your potential customers; this could include their names, emails, interests, and more. Lead capturing systems let businesses access this information so they can convert their prospects into paying customers.

Having a good data-capturing approach is necessary for successful marketing in the landscaping business. Your plan should look into ways to gather lead data and ways to use it effectively. So where should you begin?

What Lead Capturing Systems Can Landscapers Use?

Obtaining lead data is one of the most crucial skills for business owners. However, there isn’t one cut-and-dry way to collect this information; each industry finds some techniques better than others.

The following are the most common methods for landscaping companies to capture leads:

Website Forms

Online forms are one of the best ways your business can collect information about website visitors. They give you an idea who has potential interest in a service you offer. Then your team can follow up with them accordingly by phone or through an email marketing campaign.

Most online forms are going to be specific to the landscaping services you offer, but some examples are email opt-ins, online booking forms, contact forms, or custom landscaping quotes.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is another way to gather data. It lets you create a designated phone number for your marketing initiatives that tracks the number of received, missed, and abandoned calls.

Using the tracked information like phone numbers and names, as well as recorded calls outing potential client needs, your team can develop informed plans for follow up calls and emails.

Social Media Channels

Landscapers can also use social networks like Instagram and Facebook for capturing data. Facebook lead ads make the lead capturing process easy. With a simple tap your ad, a form pops up. And it’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and sent directly to you.

Client Management Systems

Client management systems are great for organizing client data captured from any of the above methods. And they can be used to automate follow-up processes and keep track of client activity efficiently. They're an integral tool to help landscapers with information on their leads.

How to Start Using a Lead Capturing System

Although landscapers require a constant flow of leads to be successful, lead capturing is one of the most overlooked areas for landscaping companies to grow their business.

If you need a hand gathering information and converting leads into customers, Dirty Marketing Group has your back. Dirty Marketing Group is an expert in providing marketing strategies for landscaping companies. You can check out our sample marketing plan for more details.

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