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Customer Retention Tactics Your Landscaping Business Should Be Using

Businesses love getting new customers. That’s a simple fact.

However, some businesses can lose sight of their current customers by chasing after shiny new ones.

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Customer retention for landscapers is instrumental to a good marketing plan — by encouraging new customers to continue patronizing your business, you’ll see definitive growth in your landscaping business.

In general, studies have shown that repeat customers are more likely to add items to carts and spend more per transaction, leading to:

  • 25% to 75% increase in profits for a 5% increase in customer retention

  • Guaranteed brand loyalty

  • Less money spent on acquiring new customers

As the owner of a landscaping business, incorporating customer retention tactics into your marketing plan is a good strategy for growth without blowing up your budget.

Here are some common customer retention tactics you should be familiar with; you’ve probably encountered them being used whenever you’ve interacted with another business.

Rebooking Reminders

Nowadays, it’s rare to find someone that isn’t glued to their phone. Take advantage of this collective dependency by sending out rebooking reminders via SMS and emails. Your customers may have forgotten or have lost interest in your services — even if they still need those services — so re-engage them by sending out reminders.

This actually happened to me last week. I'd gotten an estimate from a new housekeeper and forgotten to call to schedule the cleaning. They texted me, and I called them back immediately to book the first cleaning.

Subscription Plans

Subscriptions are becoming more and more common as a business model. You can offer subscription plans for single services or service packages to your landscaping clients, so they’ll be incentivized to choose you for future services.

For example, you can offer a subscription plan for yearly maintenance. This is particularly helpful for services that have quite a time span between each visit — your clients may need a reminder of your service!

Customer Loyalty Discounts

Everybody loves discounts! Consider making your loyal customers feel appreciated with promotional codes or subscription discounts. Let new customers know that you send them out once every few months, so they’re encouraged to stick around.

Community Membership

Being part of a community is a good feeling, especially if the deal includes exclusive perks. You can start a club or premium membership for your existing clients and combine it with other retention strategies, such as customer loyalty discounts.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential to any business, so you likely already have a system in place. However, it’s good to pay special attention to your customer support efforts — if your customers feel like you were able to fulfill their projects or requests thoroughly, they’re more likely to return for future projects.

Develop the Right Strategies With Marketing Consultation Services

If you’re starting to feel like you’re in over your head when it comes to marketing your landscaping business, don’t panic just yet. With the services of a marketing group like us at Dirty Marketing Group, you’ll be growing your business in the blink of an eye!

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