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Invest in Customer Experience for Your Landscaping Business

In today’s market, it’s not enough to deliver good landscaping services; you also have to deliver a good customer experience to promote brand loyalty. After all, according to the IBIS World Landscaping Industry Report, the landscaping service businesses grew by as much as 4.9% in 2020. Simply put, you’re gaining more competition.

So how do you make yourself stand out?

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Appearing Professional

You want to be visible and recognizable to your customers. A good way to start is by printing t-shirts with your logo on the front. You can also print the logo on your company vehicles so it’s on full display wherever you go. Some landscapers even print stickers with their logo and put them on their landscaping tools and any other equipment that’s carried onto the job site.

Providing Brochures and Service Descriptions

Restaurants must have menus, and landscaping companies must have a list of their offered services. Don’t forget to include your rates. This gives your clients the chance to make comparisons and figure out how your services fit in their budget.

Whether detailing your services in print marketing materials or online, keep the wording simple and descriptive. For example, you can list “General Bed Maintenance” as a service, then add a description at the bottom. What does general bed maintenance include? Weeding, pruning, trimming, and what else? When you let your clients know exactly what you offer, they’ll feel more confident and comfortable about contacting you for help.

Taking Payments Online

Make sure you offer online payment options. Most clients prefer this method because it’s quick, easy, and safe. No one wants to pay in cash, by phone, or by check anymore. Online payments have the benefit of instant transfers so both you and your client can verify that payment is made.

Without this, transactions with your landscaping business can be a deal-breaker. Remember: the pandemic has discouraged movement in public areas, and banks are one of them. Online transactions are a good way to differentiate yourself from other businesses that haven't caught up with the times yet.

Responding Quickly

Of course, don’t forget to be responsive to any questions or communications you receive. Time is money, and if you manage to get back to prospects ASAP, they’re more likely to have a positive experience. Fast response times make them feel valued as a customer, which is exactly what you want them to feel.

Try to offer your clients multiple ways to contact you. It can be through phone, Facebook, Twitter, or email. Make sure to train your people well so they know how to respond to clients in a way that makes the whole experience positive.

Including Clients in the Process

Inform your clients about what you plan to do and how you will do it. Don’t just tell them the end goal. Instead, break your landscaping project into steps and keep your clients up-to-date. You’ll find that this makes the client feel included in the project and more appreciative of the results.

Start Connecting with Your Customers Today

For more information on how Dirty Marketing Group can improve your customer experience, try downloading this sample landscaper marketing plan. Remember that the goal is to stand out and be remembered. Once your company name is embedded in their memory, they’ll be the ones calling you over and over again for repeat service!

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