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How to Use Marketing Analytics to Drive Business Results

Let’s talk about marketing analytics and how they can help you grow your lawn or landscaping business. Your marketing efforts have been hard at work this past month, and it's time to unearth the insights that will guide your future success.

How to Measure Marketing Success

At DirtyMktg, we use Google Analytics 4 to collect our clients' website data, Search Console to capture search engine rankings, native platforms for social media insights, and our clients’ preferred CRM for email marketing data. We compile the data from all of these sources into a master Google Sheet and Slides report.

Hopefully, you have already been diligently collecting data across your various marketing channels this past 4 weeks. If you haven’t, don’t waste another minute. Start now with the metrics outlined below. And if you need help, our marketing consultants are available to assist you.

What Marketing Metrics Matter

When we dig into the data, we’re looking at key performance indicators (KPIs) across three stages of the sales funnel: awareness, consideration (or engagement), and conversion.

What are Awareness Metrics?

Awareness metrics show you if you’re getting your business name and services in front of enough eyeballs. Remember, this isn’t Field of Dreams. Building a business doesn’t mean the clients will just show up.

Top 3 Awareness Metrics

  1. Search engine rankings

  2. Search engine impressions

  3. Social media reach

How to Use Awareness Metrics for Planning

Search Engine Impressions & Rankings: Review how your webpages are ranking on Google and which target keywords have improved or declined over the previous month. Then adjust your SEO content strategy to refresh pages that have declined or write a new blog to support that content pillar.

Social Media Reach: This refers to unique accounts (human eyeballs) that have seen your social posts. Your analytics should reveal which social media platforms are driving the most reach. You can even dig into the specific posts that generated those views. Then consider posting more frequently on that platform or more posts similar to the one(s) that performed best.

What are Engagement Metrics?

Engagement metrics tell you what’s working and what needs improvement. The whole purpose of marketing is to have potential clients take action and connect with your lawn care or landscaping business.

Top 4 Engagement Metrics

  1. Email open rate

  2. Email click-through rates

  3. Social media engagement

  4. Website traffic

How to Use Engagement Metrics for Optimization

Email Open & Click Rates: Your email open rates should average more than 34%. Rates lower than this suggest that you should optimize your email frequency & subject lines. Email click rates should average 8%. Rates lower than this suggest that you should optimize your content & call to action.

Social Media Engagement: From likes to clicks, engagement on your social posts means your message is resonating with your audience. Plus, their engagement means they’re serving as brand ambassadors for you and spreading the word about your lawn or landscaping business to their community. If your social media engagement isn’t growing month over month, optimize your content & calls to action. Consider a free giveaway to promote target engagement actions such as likes or comments.

Website Traffic: Most importantly, is your website traffic increasing? If not, it’s time to optimize an existing tactic or add a tactic to your strategy. If it is increasing, which source is driving the most traffic? Which is driving the least traffic? Optimize your marketing efforts for both of those sources to capitalize on your strengths and improve your weakness simultaneously.

What are Conversion Metrics?

Conversion metrics help you understand how your marketing efforts are impacting revenue. These are ultimately the most important marketing metrics to evaluate if your marketing drives business success.

Top 2 Conversion Metrics

  1. Website events

  2. Return on investment

How to Use Conversion Metrics for Success

Website Events: Are you tracking how many people click on your phone number from your website? What about form submissions? Knowledge is power. Knowing if and how many of your prospective clients have come through your website is vital to understanding how to replicate success and grow.

Return on Investment: How much of your revenue this quarter can be attributed to your social media marketing? If you have proper analytics set up, you can trace which paying clients filled out the contact form on your website and whether they came to your website from a social media channel or not. By understanding your return on marketing investment, you can plan to allocate enough budget next month to ensure you hit your revenue goals.

Need Help?

Remember that data-driven decision-making is essential for the success of your landscaping business. By using the insights gained from your marketing analytics, you can refine your strategies, allocate resources more effectively, and ultimately grow your business.

Not sure how to set up analytics and tracking or interpret the data? Our marketing consultants can help. We're committed to helping you thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the landscaping industry. Book a free discovery call to get started.

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