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How to Advertise Your Lawn Care Services

Have you ever thought, "Even when customers have heard of us, they rarely realize we offer _____ services."? Advertising your services rather than your brand or company name helps potential customers identify what problems you can solve for them.

As a lawn care service provider, you should effectively promote individual services--such as yard waste removal, fertilizing, pest control, tree removal, etc.--to let prospective consumers know how, when, and how frequently each service should be purchased. Below are some of the ways to promote your lawn care services.

Print Promotion

One of the most common promotional tactics I've seen lawn care professionals use are print flyers or postcards. Print promotion is an effective marketing tactic if you offer your services only to a specific region, but there are a few key elements you need in any good print promotion: consistent branding, a call to action, and an incentive.

Print promotions can be used to highlight one service at a time when it is seasonally appropriate or even a list of all the services you provide.

Pro Tips

  • Hire a professional graphic designer

  • Track your call to action using a call tracking number or QR code

  • Use the print promotion as a tangible coupon

Audio Advertising

Running advertisements on local or online radio will help you reach out to a diverse audience. This form of advertising allows you to target an audience with specific interests, and reach them while they're commuting to work or working out.

Since you're working with a short segment of time, keep it simple. Use the elevator pitch method. Describe a common problem people have with their lawn care, and then discuss how your company provides a service that can solve that common problem.

Pro Tips

  • Match your audience’s mood with background music relevant to the station

  • Keep the call to action simple and feasible while driving

  • Ditch the terms and conditions and leave them with a memorable last line

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow you to promote your services through paid social advertising, not just organic posting. If you're just starting out and don't have a large social following yet, this is a great way to get your services in front of potential customers who fit your buyer personas.

Each platform has slight nuances, but in general, the paid social advertisements can be targeted at potential customers using various demographic settings, such as location, age, gender, hobbies or interests, etc.

Pro Tips

  • Hire a marketing firm to create buyer personas for you

  • Create a slideshow or carousel ad to promote several services at once

  • Capture leads in-platform so users don't have to leave the app

Hire a Social Media Marketing Consultant

No marketing tactic should be used in isolation. Our consultants can help you develop buyer personas necessary for effective targeted advertising and advise on the appropriate advertising channels based on your business goals and budget.

If you need a partner to run your ads for you, we can provide those services and monthly reporting with our holistic marketing packages.

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