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7 Garden Center Event Marketing Ideas

It’s not so easy to catch a customer’s eye these days. When customers are constantly surrounded by just about every kind of ad, you need a more novel way than the usual marketing tactic to hold their attention. An excellent example of this is event marketing, a way to promote your business through events.

Below are seven garden center event ideas you can use to advertise your business.

1. Gardening Day

A gardening day is an excellent way to teach participants the many benefits of gardening. You can host one to encourage the locals to revitalize an abandoned green space. Don’t forget to promote your event and connect it to your garden center, possibly by giving away a practical promotional product. You can hand out reusable shopping bags with your name and logo after the gardening day, which should help them remember your garden center. If your event is successful, they will connect the positive experience with you.

2. Host Events

Garden centers are excellent locations for holding many kinds of events. Plants make great backgrounds, which makes for popular wedding venues. If your garden center has the space and ambiance to host a function, you can try advertising your business by hosting events.

You can also rent your space for professional events, such as seminars, training sessions, and fundraisers. The event’s content marketer might even promote it on their event website or social media, which can create a buzz for your business.

3. Partner With Local Businesses

One popular event promotion strategy you can try is partnering with local businesses. If there are events like festivals and fairs, you should join! Your garden center can be one of the locations that visitors explore.

You can also run a campaign that utilizes you and your partner business’s resources. For example, your garden center could be the venue for your partner’s new product launch or team-building activity. In doing this, you can support a fellow local business while also promoting your garden center.

4. Offer Workshops and Classes

Workshops and gardening classes can also be a fun way to involve your community. You can offer them on weekends and keep an event page for your target audience to find details like the place and time.

There are many gardening classes you can host for your garden center; you can host a workshop on designing a garden, on potting plants, or even on flower arrangements. While marketing your event, you could put up flyers or write blog posts on your website with calls to action where interested readers can sign up.

5. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are one of the most exciting events you can host. They’re perfect for encouraging your community to explore the local neighborhood while also familiarizing them with your business. The chance to win some prizes is a great motivator for customers.

Of course, you will have to prepare ahead by hiding clues all over the designated location for the treasure hunt. You can host the treasure hunt or take part as one of the locations where the participants can find clues.

Either way, the treasure hunt will attract people to your garden center and put a spotlight on your business. You can advertise the treasure hunt on your website and inside of participating locations.

6. Offer Designer Planted Containers

This is an event that Plantitas and Plantitos would love. You can collaborate with local designers to create beautiful, planted containers for this event, and then offer them for a limited-time sale. This allows you to support local artists, expand your advertising to the artists’ followers, bring in aesthetic-driven homeowners, and offer early-bird event attendee discounts due to the limited quantity of pieces available.

Early bird discounts will get more people to sign up for the event, which means more people will know about your garden center. If this goes well for you, you can even introduce the designer-planted containers as a regular item in your business.

7. Participate in Awareness Events

Lastly, you can try participating in awareness causes. There are many people in need of support and a lot of causes that are worth supporting. Try to find some that you feel passionate about to host in your garden center.

Almost every month, there are awareness campaigns you can organize. Some causes you can rally behind include:

  • Boosting Self Esteem

  • Heart Health

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention

  • Domestic Violence Awareness

  • …and more!

Wrapping Up

The above event marketing ideas are great options to include in your marketing strategy and teach more customers about your garden center and what you offer. With that said, if organizing events seems overwhelming, Dirty Marketing Group can help you make these events a success! They can help you come up with event promotion ideas that will make your garden center stand out. Reach out to receive support with your event planning and promotion needs!

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