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Discovery Call

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Service Description

We believe marketing is a collaborative effort, a strategic partnership. Our strategic partnerships have 4 core principles: 1. Exchange of Purpose. Each partner defines their purpose and then communicates with others what they are trying to achieve. Purpose only gets defined through open lines of communication. 2. Right to Say No. Partnership does not mean that you always get what you want. Both parties can and should say no if something doesn't work for them. We want effective partnerships and effective marketing campaigns, so we're not afraid to tell you if a particular tactic isn't working. 3. Joint Accountability. Each partner is responsible for outcomes of the marketing campaign. There is no one else to blame. The success of marketing campaigns depend as much on the nurturing of leads as the capturing. 4. Absolute Honesty. Not telling your partner the truth is an act of betrayal. We expect honestly regarding all elements of your business and goals, and our consultants will be honest with you about all aspects of the marketing campaign. Let's get to know each other, and see if we're a good fit. Our intake form and business analysis prior to the call helps come prepared to the call knowing a little bit more about you. Hey! You've seen our website after all.

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