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Competition is fierce in the landscaping industry, but revenue opportunities continue to grow year after year. And while there may be some big players in the industry, there are no companies with more than a 5% market share.


What are you doing to get more landscaping customers? Is it enough?

$114.6 BILLION



California has the second highest number of landscaping companies behind Florida. How is your business going to stand out from the other 8,000+ landscapers in California?

Why Should Landscapers Invest in a Marketing Consultant?

Landscaping contractors are a talented and hard working group of professionals. Unfortunately like many small business owners, landscapers struggle to get and maintain customers consistently month after month. You’re a professional in your field, but maybe not at sales and marketing, right?

Although many landscapers attempt to run marketing campaigns by themselves, adding marketing and lead generation responsibilities to your workday can be stressful and take away from time you could be earning money on a job. 

Whether your business needs regular social media posting, paid advertising or to improve search engine rankings, our marketing consultants can help determine the most effective marketing tactics to reach your goals, and ultimately get you more landscape projects and maintenance contracts that will grow your business.



What is Our Strategic Marketing Process?

Our subscription consultation services include a four-step process: consultation, analysis, strategy and implementation. 

Consultation - A strategic consultation with one of our marketing consultants will be driven by data from a pre-call intake form and audit. We’ll discuss our preliminary findings and how they compare with your landscaping business goals. Your answers to our questions will inform the direction of our analysis and recommended marketing strategy.


Analysis - We’ll connect your website, social media profiles and advertising platforms to our marketing software to analyze the performance and compare against your local landscaping competitors. 

Strategy - Depending on the data provided by our analysis, your business goals and marketing budget, we’ll provide you with a marketing strategy and plan that will guide you to the most effective tactics available and metrics to determine campaign success.


Implementation - Armed with a marketing plan, you’ll begin to implement the marketing tactics recommended. We’re available to work with an existing marketing associate or if you're a one-person operation, we can be an extension of your business by also delivering marketing services.

Depending on the subscription package you choose, this process can be repeated monthly or quarterly to review how the implementation is moving the needle toward your goals and adjust the tactics accordingly.

Best Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers

As a small business owner, you’ll find that the internet is your best marketing tool to inform people in your area about your landscaping services. It’s measurable and much quicker than word of mouth. And as we like to say at Meta Strategy Group, “Prayer is not a marketing strategy.”

  • Blogging & Content Marketing - You’re an expert in the landscaping industry. As much as you have a service to offer, you have advice to share. Be a thought leader by blogging or offer content marketing resources on your website to answer questions your potential customers are asking.

  • Search Engine Optimization - A properly executed SEO campaign can see your company’s website rise to the top of Google’s search results when people in your area search online for landscaping businesses and services.

  • Paid Advertising - Looking to branch into a new market or a heavily saturated area? Getting visibility on the search engines organically can take time, but paying to advertise in the top spots can drive traffic to your website instantly.

  • Social Media Marketing - You offer your services to your local community, and now more than ever the best way to connect with that local community is through social media. Regular posting on your pages and in community groups increases awareness of your landscaping services and establishes you as a reliable member of the community.

  • Email Marketing - Utilize email marketing to remind your customers of seasonal landscaping needs and special offers to turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

  • Video Marketing - Perhaps one of our most favorite aspects of the landscaping industry is the visuals. Everyone wants their backyard to be a mini oasis they can unwind in or their front yard to be the envy of all the neighbors. Share before and after photos and videos of your projects and your services will effectively sell themselves. 

Landscaper Marketing Consultant FAQs

What is a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant provides you with an objective analysis for your marketing strategy and tactics and helps you develop a strategic plan through consultation calls, audits, competitor analysis and reporting. Marketing consultants will recommend the most effective marketing tactics for your business goals, such as increasing website traffic or generating more leads and customers. 


Meta Strategy Group marketing consultants also provide the recommended marketing services for additional fees determined by the analysis and strategy goals.

What is the most effective marketing strategy for my landscaping business?

Most landscapers think one type of marketing tactic will suffice. We approach marketing with a more holistic view. Generally we believe that digital marketing, starting with a website and Google My Business profile, is an important addition to any print or field marketing campaigns. 


Beyond that, which services are best for your business depends on what we determine during the consultation and find from the analysis.

How much does a marketing consultant charge?

Depending on the package you choose, our marketing consultation and regular strategies can run anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per month with our subscription consultation services. Or you can book one-off consultation calls with us for $300 each.

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