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How to Integrate Content Marketing & SEO

For many green industry businesses, it can be a challenge to determine which marketing tactics to spend your budget on. A marketing partner can consult you on which marketing tactic or combination of tactics, when effectively implemented, can generate traffic and leads.

Content Marketing

Promoting your business and expertise with informative content on a blog, webpage, video, or podcast can help drive traffic, leads, and sales. However, even if you create the most useful content on the internet, if it can't be found online, it's not effective and provides your business little value.

Content Marketing + SEO

Get found online. Search engine optimization (SEO) will turbocharge your content by making it, and your business, more easily found online. Optimizing your content for search consists of including keywords and phrases that your typical customer would use when searching online for services your business offers.

For example, potential customers might seek information on the proper time of year to prune their shrubbery. They'll likely search the phrase “when to cut back shrubs.” Naturally including this phrase in your copy and headline enables your content to rank in the search engine page results.

If you get your content to rank in the top three positions for high volume keywords and phrases, that increases traffic and leads for your green industry services or products.

Partnering with A Marketing Professional

How do you know which keywords to include in your content? How often should you be creating new content? Which type is most effective content marketing?

While it's possible to market your business on your own by creating and publishing content, having the expertise of a professional will improve your efforts. Content marketing and SEO are just two elements of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Our marketing professionals can help you determine which services or products drive the most revenue for your business and develop a content marketing and SEO strategy. We'll partner with you to identify relevant keywords that you can implement in existing and new blog posts, webpages, videos, podcasts and more.

Our monthly consulting plan also ensures your marketing partner meets with you each month to review how your content is ranking, website traffic is increasing and leads are converting.

Increase your efforts by incorporating content marketing, search engine optimization, and a marketing consultant in your strategy, and watch your business grow!

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