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Whether your ideal customer is a DIY homeowner working on outdoor renovation projects or California's 8,000+ professional landscapers, you want in on their spending budget. Set your nursery apart from the competition with a solid marketing plan and services package.


Even if you offer customers excellent service and planting solutions, you cannot rely on word of mouth to grow your business. Instead, an online marketing strategy for your plant nursery will extend your reach during any growing season.

Why Invest in A Marketing Plan for Your Plant Nursery?


As a wholesale grower, you want to connect to avid horticulturists and professionals. From a colorful website to social media tips and tricks, collecting an online audience may seem easy at first. So how do you use the internet to your advantage? Invest in a professional marketer.


You will learn what is best for your practice through strategic consultations. We explore opportunities and cost-effective solutions and explain how analytics and metrics are used to  drive results. Investing in marketing ideas for your plant nursery will extend your opportunities for additional revenue.


Your potential customers may be ready to buy, comparing costs, or developing next year's plan and we will help you show them you are a trusted resource for all their plant designs. Our expert marketing strategies turn plant nursery searchers into sales.

Strategic Consultations for Long-term Marketing Success


Our 4-step consultation services are designed to support your plant sale goals over time. Just as the growing seasons fluctuate, your marketing goals must evolve to match your customers' shopping list. 


Consultation: You will fill out a preliminary intake form to give us insight into your goals. We use your answers to audit your current online presence. We then review our findings with you in a strategic consultation to outline the next steps.  


Analysis: Before developing a plan, we need to understand what you are up against. We utilize marketing software for a deeper analysis of your web presence. This evaluation offers a detailed comparison to other growers in your area.


Strategy: Let's explore ways to increase online traffic for your business. We make suggestions to market your nursery that will meet your business goals and budget. Our marketing strategy pinpoints practical solutions for measurable results.


Implementation: The secret to our success is that we stay involved during the implementation of your strategy. Have us at your side as much or as little as you need. We can be there for questions as you work the plan, collaborate with a third-party marketing assistant, or deliver the marketing plan for your plant nursery ourselves.


We offer several digital marketing packages. During our calls, one of our marketing experts will review the plan and results and make modifications as needed. Plant growers must prepare for seasonal buyers and lawn design trends.

Explore Marketing Ideas for Your Plant Nursery


Do you know how to connect to a social media audience or how valuable a search engine optimization investment can be to your plant nursery? Are you afraid of wasting money on ad spend without the return on investment? 


A quick search or one-time consultation may give you ideas for the next steps, but our digital marketing packages offer the plan and guidance to maneuver through the growing seasons.


You are an expert in growing plants, but connecting to people and businesses searching for plants online is essential to building clientele. If your target audience is looking to buy now or just shopping around, you can connect to them through several marketing tactics, including:



Expert content on your website will give viewers answers to their questions about your products and provide direct access to you by phone or email. Blog posts can offer advice, share your experience, present tips and tricks of the industry, or showcase your plant inventory. It can lead readers to navigate more of your website, exploring your selection of plants. A connected content marketing strategy for your plant nursery can lead new online visitors to your doorstep.


Devise a plan to directly reach out to your known customer base with seasonal offers, discount codes, or planning tips for next season. You can turn a one-time shopper into a year-round buyer through email or social media marketing. Whether you use direct emails or social media posts to interact with customers, it's essential to facilitate a trusted relationship to promote future sales. 


Paid advertising can help you extend your immediate reach outside your local area or take advantage of holiday or seasonal trends. In addition, a paid ad campaign can catapult you to the first page of search results, even in a heavily competitive area.  


Earn your way to the top results of online search results with search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO, the marketing strategy for your plant nurseries can develop natural authority to rank higher than other growers in your area.


Jump into video marketing to showcase how your plants will look in a customer’s landscape project, making it easier for customers to visualize why they need to buy from you. Videos are a powerful marketing technique to show customers how you can help them achieve great things.


Implement one or all of these marketing ideas for your plant nursery and boost your online presence over the competition.

Plant Nursery Marketing Consultant FAQs

Should I hire a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant reviews your business holistically to create a complete marketing plan. Data and analytics are used to monitor and steer strategic changes towards growth opportunities. An expert will also suggest visitor experience improvements to your website and answer tough 'how to' marketing questions. 


Our marketing consultation services won't just point you in the right direction but help you throughout the process. So choose the consultation package that best fits your needs.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing expert?

When you hire a marketing strategist for your plant nursery, you can leverage expert marketing skills for short- and long-term goals. Plant markets fluctuate throughout the year, and having an outsider's perspective to plan and workaround seasonal strategy will give you the luxury to interact with buyers.

Are marketing consultants expensive?

We offer tiered marketing packages, so you pay for what you need. Your initial consultation, analysis, and strategic plans are included in our subscription consulting services. We offer packages between $1,500 and $2,000 per month so you can choose how often we meet to review the progress of your marketing efforts.

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